Kim Rose

Kim Rose is a modern minimalist artist who lives in Los Angeles, California. Her marbled art pieces have been sold and collected around the world. Her heart and soul is not only in art, but also finding the deeper meaning of how art can contribute to the greater good. She believes every person can be an artist, and that every artist must find the "why" behind their actions. This is what gives life its purpose and vibrance. Kim's art exists where the tangible world and our intangible perceptions overlay. She uses a fusion of traditional and modern techniques, making every work rich in dimension, layered in waves of fluid movement. 


Luxury Materials | 24k gold, marble, & soon diamonds, are the some of the precious materials that can be found in Kim’s work. Each piece is a layered creation and fusion of chemical reactions and painting. Painting is a multi-layer process, which gives Her pieces a multidimensional and polished look. Because of this, they tend to reflect the warmth and colors of the room they are shown in. The longer you look, the more you uncover in the details.

Let our team work with you to create a piece that is uniquely your own. Once we've received pictures of your home and measurements of your wall space, Kim will assist with sizing recommendations and design styles to help perfect your piece. Each piece is created on a custom built frame, specifically designed to accommodate elegant backlighting options.

For Commissions: