Legacy West Media

Our Legacy

Legacy West Media’s mission is to tell stories through art exhibitions and media partnerships. Being 4th generation Hollywood, we take great pride in our legacy of representing top talent and connecting the right artist with the right audience. Legacy West Fine Art was created to be the online sales platform for our Artists. Our goal is to not only bring profit to our artists, but to inspire the communities that view their art. We value the cultural exchange, the intimate inner dialogue, and the transcendent power of art in its various forms. Based in Los Angeles, we have an excellent network of diverse talent for our projects across the entertainment and art industries. We are a globally conscious company whose desire is to enhance the lives of our artists, customers, and the businesses we work with.

Our Values


Teamwork, Creativity, Diversity, Abundance


About Legacy West Media's Founder

Jim Carter is the founder of Legacy West Media LLC and has worked with "A list" artists and filmmakers for over 10 years. He grew up on movie sets and comes from a family of Academy Award winning Artists. As the founder of Legacy West Media, he represents 10 world renowned artists, including the artwork of his father, Rick Carter, who is a 2 time Academy Award winner for his Art Direction of Avatar and LincolnJim has produced several exhibitions including “City of Dreams: A Portrait of Los Angeles” a collaborative exhibition of the cultural intersection of Los Angeles through imagery, canvas, and lettering. Throughout his years of working with Artists of various forms, he has built a large network of industry leading professionals in the fine art, entertainment and visual arts sector, whom he works with regularly. Jim has been involved in philanthropy through promoting soccer, education and human development in Africa, Central America, the Middle East and locally in Los Angeles. He uses his passion for fine art, visual storytelling, world cultures, marketing, sports, and entertainment to create genuine connections between his clients and global audiences.

If you have any questions regarding our Artists, our Artworks, or you would like to work with Legacy West Media please email info@legacywmedia.com or fill out the Contact Form below: